Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Is It Worth The Price?

bark busters home dog training

Have you heard of Bark Busters home dog training?   Were you considering giving them a try?  Maybe you need some help training your dog and you’ve seen one of their ads around.  If that’s the case, stay tuned for this comprehensive review.

Hi my name is Mike and I’ve been training dogs for a long time now.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and decided to start this website to share some of my stories and advice.  Today we will be talking about a well known national brand by the name of Bark Busters Home Dog Training.  Is it worth spending your hard earned money getting this outfit to train your dog?  Lets find out!

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Bark Busters Home Dog Training.  Who Are They?

Bark Busters is a name that always comes into the conversation when discussing dog training in my area.  It turns out that this company has been in business for over 30 years and is world wide.  Who are these guys and what are they all about?

Bark busters was originally started in Australia over 30 years ago.  Now they have over 40 offices world wide.  This company was originally started by Sylvia and Danny Wilson.  Sylvia had worked and managed a dog shelter for 10 years.  During this time, she was able to recognize some of the common pitfalls of the industry so she set out to correct them.  This is when the bark busters method was born.

What Is The Bark Busters Home Dog Training Method?

The bark busters method of dog training is a positive reinforcement based training technique designed to get your dog to follow your leadership.  Bark busters specializes in teaching its clients about the inner psyche of their pups and how to get through to them using voice and body language.

Sounds good so far!  I use the same general philosophy myself.  Training your dog by establishing a firm but fair pack leader presence will yield tangible results in the long run and establish a positive relationship between you and your furry friend.

What Is Bark Busters Mission

According to their Website, “As a world leader in dog training, Bark Busters’ mission is to promote clear communications between owners and their dogs using simple, effective, and natural training methods that appeal to the canine psyche. Through the professionalism and commitment of our network of dog behavioral therapists, we work to enhance the human-canine bond thereby reducing the possibility of maltreatment, abandonment and euthanasia of companion dogs.”.

I believe in what they stand for completely .  We have a responsibility to our canine companions.  Keeping them happy and healthy in our homes is one of the best ways we can fulfill that promise on a daily basis.

the bark busters training method

The Bark Busters Home Dog Training Philosophy

From what I can see and tell you from first hand experience, Bark busters is committed to providing not only training but understanding between you and your dog.  They do this by teaching their clients how to effectively communicate and co-exist with their furry friends.  They also believe in a continuing evolution of knowledge and training techniques.  This can be used to effectively train many different types of dogs from all types of backgrounds.

Bark busters is also committed to training dogs of all types and ages.  They do not target puppies or adult dogs.  Bark busters appears to be willing to work with their clients and any type of dog they come across as well.  Their site also claims that they have trained over 1 million dogs.  That’s quite a few!

The Bark Busters Training Method

The Bark busters training method starts at home with you and your dog.  They follow a voice and body language based training program focused on positive feedback and understanding to help you get to know your dog better and provide the proper learning environment.  They can do this through a variety of techniques that will vary depending on the type of dog you have including breed and personality.

I did work with a Bark busters trainer in the past.  I can confirm that this is in fact their methodology. I’ll go into an in depth review of my particular visit and training experience a bit later.

A key reason that so many people turn to Bark busters has to be their flexibility and willingness to come to you and work in your home.  Every family situation is going to be unique and coming to the root of the problem is sometimes the best way to clear up any outstanding issues.  I believe that this is one of the things that the Bark busters home dog training method excels at quite well.

The Bark Busters Training Method. My Experience

From time to time, I like to work with or consult local trainers in my area.  On this occasion, I worked with a representative of my local areas Bark Busters franchise.  The dog we were dealing with in this case was special needs and the family was overwhelmed with taking care of them.  They had been working with this trainer from Bark Busters and I got the opportunity to help out as well.

Phase One

The first thing I noticed about the trainer with Bark Busters was that they started off the initial home visit with an extensive question and answer period.  During this time, they asked the family members several questions about the dog.  These questions appeared to be very helpful when trying to establish a training foundation for the animal and what things had and hadn’t been tried already.  Once the questions were complete, the trainer moved to the next phase.

Phase Two

During this time, the trainer spent some time with the animal assessing them.  These assessments were combined with some note taking and additional questions as well.  It seemed like a more invasive version of the initial assessment with some feedback from the dog in question.  The trainer also started to discuss some of the training techniques that they thought would be the most useful in helping out.  There were also a few short demonstrations on what to do and what not to do in various common dog care situations.

Phase Three

This time period mostly involved helping some of the family members understand and try out some of the training techniques brought up previously.  There was also additional interest placed on where the dog was spending most of their time and nutritional/treat information.  The treats given during this training are supposed to be of high value to help the dog focus up.  During the course of this training, we confirmed that the dog wasn’t really treat motivated at all.  We switched to a more verbal positive feedback approach because of this.  Some dogs aren’t as food crazed as the overwhelming majority!

Phase Four

We spent the final phase of the initial training visit getting a run down of the information that was covered and a synopsis of the beginner training routine for this particular animal.  Any questions or concerns from the client were answered as well.  We also discussed setting up a training schedule that involved more home visits and the pricing involved with the particular setup.

Bark Busters offers many options when it comes to the frequency and timing of in home dog training.  I will say that I was surprised and quite impressed with the flexibility displayed.  The owners were also satisfied with the visit and made follow up training plans at this time as well.

Initial Training Experience Conclusion

Overall, I felt that the trainer from Bark Busters was very professional and had a good handle on the situation in general.  I was able to get some more insight into the Bark Busters training method which was welcome.  The particular Bark Busters franchise in my area seemed to be very knowledgeable.  Their pricing was competitive coming in at anywhere from 50-70 dollars an hour for bark busters home dog training.

three month post training analysis

Three Month Post Training Analysis

I was able to catch up with the bark busters trainer and family about three months after the first visit.  The dog and family were making some significant progress together but there was still a long way to go.  In this case, the dog being trained had a lot of behavioral issues that were taking a long time to correct.  The dog was also special needs which made them a bit harder to train.  The method was working however and the family seemed to be pleased with the results.

If the dog had been a bit more food motivated in the first place, I believe the training would have gone better overall. As it stood at the time, progress was steady but a bit slower than expected.  Every dog is going to be different when it comes to training and this is something that the Bark Busters trainer explained thoroughly throughout the process as well.

All in all, the family was happy with the progress made but didn’t expect to have to pay for training for so long.  A concern I completely understand!

Is Bark Busters In Home Dog Training Worth It?

So is the training worth it?  Are you going to get enough value for the dollar spent?  In my local area with this franchise, I’d say yes.  The problem with franchises in general though is the tendency for some areas to be better than others.

I did some research into other bark busters franchises over the entire US and I ran in to some conflicting responses.  There were some customers who were less than thrilled.  Some trainers didn’t seem to be as knowledgeable as the one I worked with.  I would say that a bit of research into your local area franchise would be the best way to get a concrete answer on this.

The core method and philosophy behind the Bark Busters in home dog training method is quite sound and if executed correctly, could be a great benefit to you and your family.  The wrong kind of training or lack of follow up on the training foundations established could be one of the main causes for the lack of progress with your animal as well.

It’s important to remember that a trainer can only point the way.  You as the owner and caretaker have to enforce the method daily for it to have a lasting effect on your pup.  You can’t just go out and throw a baseball once to become a pro league pitcher.  It takes time and practice.  The same goes for dog training.


We have explored Bark Busters in these last few sections.  I feel like we were able to give some good information on who they are and what they do.  The problem with franchises is that the quality can be lacking from one area to the next.  Fast food places are a great example of this.  Not every place you go to can be the best.  Some will be good.  Others no so much.  One will be the best.

I believe that the mission Bark Busters stands behind is a noble one.  Their franchises do strive to embody these ideals as well.  I would strongly advise doing some research into your local franchise if you are looking for some dog training.  Reviews are always a quality metric when determining whether something is worth spending money on or not.

I would also suggest looking into doing some training on your own for a fraction of the price.  The thing most trainers won’t tell you about dog training is that it’s largely your responsibility.  A trainer can come over and show you the techniques but it’s up to you to enforce them and build a strong foundation for your dog.

If you would like to check out an online resource that can give you these tools at the fraction of the cost of in home dog training, I suggest you click here.




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