Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? What Spices Do Dogs Eat?

Can dogs eat black pepper

Can dogs eat black pepper?  What kinds of spices do dogs like to eat anyway?  Should I season my dog’s food?  All of these questions and more have been asked about a dog’s general nutrition.  Knowing how to feed your dog and what to avoid is key to providing them with a healthy and active life.

Hi my name is Mike and I work with dogs.  This website was spun up to help others answer dog related questions.  Today we will be discussing the question, “Can dogs eat black pepper?”.  We will also take a look at a few other common spices and see where they sit on the scale as well.

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Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper?

So, can a dog have black pepper?  Should dogs eat black pepper to begin with?  The answer is yes.  Dogs can eat black pepper in moderation.  A better question would probably be, “should dogs eat black pepper?”.

After speaking with several vets and a few dog nutritionists, I would advise against the direct or indirect consumption of pepper for your dog.  This spice offers no real benefit and can cause things like stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting in the short term.

If you feed your dog a scrap of food or something drops on the floor with a little pepper in it and your dog scoops it up, don’t panic.  A small amount of pepper probably won’t affect your dog at all unless they have an allergy or food intolerance to it.  Many dogs will stay away from pepper all together because it irritates their nose and spicy food is generally avoided by them as well.

Long story short, skip the pepper but if your dog happens to grab a small amount on occasion, it should be fine.

can dogs eat spicy foods

Can Dogs Eat Salt?

Most of the time, salt and pepper go hand and hand when we talk about spices and seasonings.  Should dogs be eating extra salt though?  The answer is no.  Salt can cause issues for your dog in a multitude of ways and should be avoided for them.

Giving your dog salty foods like chips and french fries should be extremely limited.  Once again if a stray fry or chip falls on the floor and they scoop it up, it’s not the end of the world.  Don’t make it a habit of feeding them salty foods or it could cause issues like kidney problems and dehydration in general.

Dog food should have the amount of required salt dogs need already included.  If you suspect your dog nutrition may be off or have more specific questions about your dog, I would strongly advise reaching out to your local vet.  Veterinarians are a great resource for all things pet related and can be valuable in establishing good nutrition habits as well.  A vet may also point you in the direction of a dog nutritionist.  These professionals spend all of their time working with pet owners to ensure the proper nutrition levels are achieved and maintained for our furry pals.

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Foods?

For the most part, dogs will generally stay away from spicy foods.  They lack the required tools to deal with them internally and avoid them because of this.  There are always exceptions to the rule though.  I would advise keeping your dog away from spicy foods but if they do get some, just keep an eye on them for a bit.  They might just have some bad gas or stomach upset.  If you see any lingering symptoms like fatigue or they just aren’t acting themselves, I would reach out to your local vet for next steps.

can dogs have salt

What Should My Dog Be Eating?

Generally I would recommend a raw food diet with some veggies and berries mixed in on occasion.  This can get expensive though.  Another option is to select a high quality ingredient dog food brand and see how your dog responds to it.  As I’ve stated before, a local vet is also an excellent starting point that should deliver some fine results as well.  They may have a specific food type in mind for your dog or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

If your dog is already eating a certain food and you are going to switch them over to something else, do it gradually.  Start by adding some of the new food in and slowly replacing the old over the space of at least a week or so.  This will help your dog to adjust to their new food.  It should help to avoid any stomach upset or digestive issues in the short term as well.

Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper Concluded

While black pepper may be a delicious seasoning to add to our own food, we should probably keep it away from our dogs.  Spicy foods in general have no real place in our dog’s diet.  Questions or concerns about types of foods and when to give them should be asked at your next vet appointment.  You could also follow up with a dog nutritionist and see what they have to say as well.

Keeping your dog happy and healthy in the long term starts with a good nutrition program followed by a strong training and exercise foundation.  If you can master these few areas, your dog’s quality of life will be much improved for years to come!

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