Can Dogs Eat Dates? What Fruits Do Dogs Like To Eat?

can dogs eat dates

Can dogs eat dates?  What kinds of fruits do dogs like to eat?  Are there any fruits that my dog can’t have?  All good questions and asked frequently enough to warrant this article!

Hi my name is Mike and I’ve been training dogs for years now.  This website came about because there were many questions that needed answering and I wanted to create an easy place for most of you to get those answers.  Today we will be looking at the kinds of fruits dogs like to eat and answering the question, “Can dogs eat dates?”.  Now lets take a deeper look at the fruit in question.

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Can Dogs Eat Dates?

So can dogs eat dates?  The short answer is yes, but in moderation.  Dates are not generally harmful for your dog in small amounts.  There are a few things to watch for though.  Lets take a look at each one in more detail.

  1.   Choking Hazard:  This can be true of many foods but it’s even more of a concern with pitted fruits like Dates.  These fruits do contain pits which can cause issues and choking hazards if not removed properly.  A good rule of thumb would be to give your dog bite sized chunks of any food and make sure there are not hard pits, seeds or skins present that could cause a choking hazard.  With large dogs, the worry is less.  Make sure you are watching your smaller dogs though.
  2.   Sugar Content:  Dates are a sugary food and as such can cause metabolic issues for your dog.  These issues will usually present themselves over time and progressively get worse until addressed.  Sometimes, the overindulgence of sugary foods can lead to things like diabetes for your dog.  Keep an eye on sugar content in your dog’s food.  With dates, a few here and there should be fine but don’t make it a daily habit.
  3.   Food Intolerance:  Another potential issue could come in the form of indigestion or food intolerance.  Some foods can be harder on your dog’s digestive system than others.  There’s no hard and fast rule with this.  Each dog will be different.  If you feed your dog some Dates and they are fine, odds are, they tolerate them fine.  If you notice any adverse reactions or stomach upset, I would avoid in the future.

What Fruits Do Dogs Like To Eat?

As I’ve said before, every dog is different and that includes their tastes.  Some may love apples but hate oranges.  This is really going to depend on the dog.  With that being said,  lets take a look at some fruits that are common in the grocery store and see how dogs generally react to them.  Keep in mind that consulting a vet or dog nutritionist is always a good idea when deciding to give your dog a new food or snack in the long term.


Apples are a very common fruit found in many households.  They are a basic ingredient in many dishes and your dog has probably tasted at least one of the many varieties in their lifetime.  Should your dog eat apples though?

Apples are fine for your dog to have in moderation.  They carry many of the same concerns as dates.  If you keep the slices small and the portions in moderation, all should be fine.  Keep an eye on your dog and see how they react to eating this food as well.  They may be intolerant to one type of apple but fine with another.  Food intolerance can be a tricky thing to manage.  I usually just completely exclude certain foods if my dog shows any sensitivity to them at all.

Bottom line is that apples are ok for your dog to have in moderation.  Watch the sugar content and the frequency.  If they have stomach issues down the line, I would advise skipping this fruit altogether.  Remember that a vet is always a good person to bounce questions off of as well!


Bananas are another common fruit that can be found in most homes these days.  Are bananas a good fruit for your dog to eat though?  Once again, moderation is the key here.  Bananas have a great nutrition profile and tend to be a lower calorie snack when compared to some other options.  They are very high in sugar content however and this can cause metabolic issues if you let it.  Tossing your dog a chunk of banana here and there as a tasty treat is fine though.

Choking hazards aren’t really a problem with this food as todays bananas don’t have any seeds in them.  Keep an eye on your dog’s tolerance to them though.  If you notice any discomfort or stomach upset, it might be better to leave this food off the list even in small amounts.

what types of fruits can dogs eat


Oranges have their place in the home as well.  I find these fruits interesting in that some dogs absolutely love them and others won’t even glance at them.  I’ve spoken to vets and dog nutritionists about this.  The prevailing idea is that the bittersweet taste can throw our dogs off and sometimes oranges have that slightly sour smell as well.  Anything sour your dog will generally try to avoid.  Their noses are very powerful and sour smells usually trigger an instinctual pattern of avoidance.

With that being said, a few slices of an orange here and there are fine for your dog.  Keep an eye on their tolerance level and watch for stomach upset.  This fruit does have a decent amount of easily digestible sugar as well.  Moderation is your friend here.


Strawberries are another tasty fruit that most of us keep in the fridge at least a few times a year.  Are strawberries ok for dogs?  The answer is yes but in moderation.  By now, you should see a pattern forming here with most fruits.  They have a high sugar content and this can cause issues for your dog.  keeping their sugar levels under control is one of the best ways to manage their long term health.  The less sugar, the better.

Strawberries are an interesting food for dogs because they actually used to incorporate these into their wild diet before domestication.  Many dogs would hunt down berries in all forms and chow down.  The difference between now and then is that these berries were limited by nature to a few weeks each year.  Now, we have them available all year round.  Moderation is key!  Also, cut the tops off as well.  Don’t need your dog choking on the leaves or stem.


I bring this fruit up for a few reasons.  One, its gotten more and more popular over the past few years.  Two, it’s often thought of as a vegetable but it’s actually a fruit.  Are avocados good for dogs though?  The short answer is no.  Avocados contain toxins in them that can actually cause your dog to have some really bad reactions.  Does this mean that if they scoop up a little guacamole off the floor they are going to be in bad shape?  Ideally no.  Every dog will have a different tolerance level.

Long story short, keep this fruit away from your dog.  It’s not worth the potential issues it could cause.  If they do ingest a bit, keep an eye on them and watch for any adverse reactions.  Hopefully nothing will come of it.  If they do start acting off, contact your vet for next steps.


Dog’s should never eat grapes!  This goes for raisins as well.  This fruit can cause serious problems for your dog that are better left alone.  Grapes contain toxins that your dog’s body will have a hard time breaking down.  This can lead to organ failure and in some cases, even death.

Grapes and raisins should be kept away from your dog completely.  If you drop some of them on the floor, pick them up and try to keep your dog from going after them.  I would consult your local vet immediately if they do end up eating any grapes or raisins.  It’s just not worth the risk.


Cherries are a bit of a tricky one.  I would advise against letting your dog eat cherries because their seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide.  If your dog ingests enough of this, it can cause some serious toxicity issues.  The flesh of the fruit around the seeds is generally ok but the risk of ingesting a seed is to great for me to support this fruit at all.  Keep your dog away from cherries!


Another common household fruit.  Pineapples are generally fine for dogs to eat.  There are a few things I would mention though.  First off, make sure that you are only feeding your dog the inner flesh of the fruit with the shell removed.  The shell can cause internal blockages and general stomach discomfort.  Once again, we have to be aware of the amount of sugar content in this fruit and treat it as an occasional treat.

To sum it up, pineapple is ok in moderation and when cut into small bite sized chunks.  Keep the outer shell off as well.

dogs and watermelon


Watermelon is another decent fruit to give your dog in moderation.  This food tends to be very hydrating and packed with some good nutritional content as well.  There are a few things to keep in mind though.  Watermelons do have a high sugar content so try to keep it in moderation.  Buy the seedless version and be sure to remove the rind before giving your dog a piece.  The rind can cause internal blockages and that’s not fun for anyone.

In short, buy seedless, remove the rind and keep it as a moderate snack for your dog.  There are some good nutrition and hydration benefits here too though.  I personally like to use this as a snack when I’m out hiking with my dog in the summer or spring.  It will keep their energy level up and is one of the best times to give them a sugary treat as they burn it off almost immediately.  The extra added hydration is a nice touch as well.  This goes double for dogs that don’t want to take the time to drink while they are out on an adventure!

What Fruits Do Dogs Like To Eat Summarized

So as you can see there is a general pattern when we talk about fruits in general.  They are all loaded with sugar!  Sugary foods need to be carefully monitored when it comes to your dog.  Some fruit here and there won’t cause major issues but it can be a problem if focused on.  Fruits should be used as a healthy treat for your dog in moderation.  A few slices of apple or chunks of watermelon here and there during the week are good options.  Making sure your dog doesn’t have too many of these foods at too often a pace is paramount for their long term health though.  All things in moderation especially sugary foods when it comes to our furry little pals!

Can Dogs Eat Dates Concluded

There we have it.  The “Can dogs eat Dates?” question has been answered.  We have also looked at a lot of other fruits.  The general guidelines remain the same.  Keep the pieces bite sized for your dog.  Make sure to practice moderation when it comes to sugary fruits.  Watch your dog when it comes to food intolerance or stomach upset.  Every dog is going to be a bit different with how they handle and process various foods.  Some might be completely fine with an apple but have real issues when it comes to watermelon.

All dogs will have different tolerances and tastes as well.  If you find that your dog doesn’t like pineapple, that’s ok.  These fruits aren’t absolutely needed for their diet anyway.  There are some nice options in there that could give your dog an extra boost of energy when needed though.  Long term nutrition comes from your dog’s regular diet and I strongly suggest you work with your vet or a dog nutritionist to determine what that is going to be moving forward.  Think of fruits as a healthy tasty snack and keep them in moderation for your dog!

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