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How Fast Can A Great Dane Run? Great Dane Speed Examined

How fast can a great dane run

How fast can a Great Dane run?  What is a Great Dane’s top speed?  How long can a Great Dane run for?  These are all common questions for this magnificent breed.  Great Danes are known to be one of the faster large breeds out there for certain.  They are also quite effective distance runners as […]

Are Dogs Ticklish? Do Dogs Laugh And Smile In Their Own Way?

Are Dogs Ticklish

Are dogs ticklish?  Do dogs laugh and smile in their own way?  Do dogs have a sense of humor to begin with?  I’ve heard all of these questions from one dog owner or another of the years.  This is actually an interesting area of study for me.  What goes on in a dog’s mind?  How […]

Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Is It Worth The Price?

bark busters home dog training

Have you heard of Bark Busters home dog training?   Were you considering giving them a try?  Maybe you need some help training your dog and you’ve seen one of their ads around.  If that’s the case, stay tuned for this comprehensive review. Hi my name is Mike and I’ve been training dogs for a long […]

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting And Other Behavior Corrections

How to discipline a dog after fighting

Have you ever wondered how to discipline a dog after fighting?  Dogs can be very territorial in nature and this is one of the things that can make them aggressive and inclined towards physical attack.  Would you like to know how to stop this behavior?  Maybe it has happened in the past and you’d like […]

How To Tell If A Dog Is Aggressive Towards Cats And Other Animals

how to tell if a dog is aggressive towards cats

Do you know how to tell if a dog is aggressive towards cats and other animals?  Have you ever run into a situation where your dog was acting aggressive in the presence of other animals?  I know I have.  Dogs are territorial by nature and sometimes this can manifest itself as aggressive behavior towards the […]