Dog Boot Camp. How To Train Your New Puppy In Detail

Dog Boot Camp

Have you ever wondered what a dog boot camp was?  How can this type of training help my dog?  What kind of training is it to begin with?  If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, take a few moments and read on for some in depth information on dog boot camps and dog training methods in general.

Hi my name is Mike and I train dogs.  Animals have always been a passion of mine and I started this website to share information about by favorite animal.  The dog!  Today we will be discussing dog boot camp and how dog boot camps work.  Training can be quite a large topic with respect to our furry little buddies.  Lets take a look at how training can affect them in the long run.

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Dog Boot Camp. What Is It?

So you may have heard the term, “Dog Boot Camp” thrown around when getting a new dog.  One of your friends or family members could’ve also relayed their own personal experience with a dog trainer or boot camp as well.  What is a boot camp for dogs though?  In short, a dog boot camp is a concentrated training method that is designed to teach your dog specific tasks or functions in a short amount of time.

These camps can include things like basic obedience training, specialized tasks (think emotional support animal or seeing eye dog) and labor work as well. The most common dog boot camps will revolve around obedience training though.  This is also probably the type of training you have heard about as well.

Keep in mind that a dog boot camp can be a great way to teach a new dog the foundations of basic obedience and structure but without your follow through, this concentrated program will have little effect.  Allow me to go a bit deeper and explain what I mean.

Dog Training For Beginners

so let’s say you just brought home a brand new puppy and you have never raised a dog before.  This can be quite a daunting task with the most easygoing of dogs.  If you got a high energy dog, a feeling of helplessness or frustration can quickly tarnish the experience leaving you with regrets or trying to get rid of your new pup.  Training is a way to help your dog understand your expectations of them as a new member of your family.

Many first time owners will seek out aid at a site like this or even work with a local vet.  Both of these are great starting points but they might not be the only tools you need to complete the job.  This is where building a strong training foundation is key.  One of the ways you can jump start this process is with a dog boot camp.

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Types Of Dog Boot Camps

Now that we have established what a boot camp is and why your dog may benefit from this type of training, lets talk about the different options that are available to you.

Doggy Day Care

A dog day care can be good for many reasons.  First off, it’s never a good idea to leave your dog alone for prolonged periods of time when they are younger or just new to living with you in general.  In that case, a doggy day care can be a great option.

These places work very similar to child day care centers.  You drop your dog off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home.  During the day they will be with other dogs and learn how to socialize and interact with new humans and dogs alike.

Depending on the doggy day care you choose, some of them will offer training classes along with their other services which can be of great benefit to you as a new dog owner.  These training classes will usually be focused around the fundamentals of dog training like basic commands and house breaking.  More advanced lessons can be offered as well.

There are many pros to using a service like this.  Early socialization with other animals and humans make it easier for your dog to adapt to a diverse range of situations as they grow up.  Learning basic training from professional trainers is also a great way to introduce them to behavioral concepts and foundations early in life.

The cons involve the increased cost of a prolonged day care situation and the lack of training or working with your dog personally.  Dog’s can learn and they will listen to someone that they respect and see as an authority figure.  If you allow someone else to train them, that person could be seen as the alpha and it could make it harder for you to control your dog when they are not around.

Send Away Boot Camp

There are many good dog training services out there and some of them will offer this unique opportunity as well.  In a send away dog boot camp, your dog would travel to another location and stay for a predetermined time frame (usually 2 weeks to a month).  During this time,  they would be exposed to a heavy training schedule designed to help them learn particular skillsets or correct behavioral issues.

These camps are much more popular for teaching a dog how to perform a specific set of tasks.  A good example would be an emotional support animal or seeing eye dogs.  These furry guys are put through a rigorous training program in order to prepare them for the tasks ahead.

A lot of times with these types of specific skill sets, a boot camp is only the beginning.  Months of training and conditioning are required for some skill sets and a send away boot camp can be a great way to get a jump start on that process.

I do also want to briefly discuss obedience issues.  There are a few schools out there who offer on site boot camps for dogs with behavior issues.  This can be a great way to break a dog out of a specific habit but only if reinforced at home once the dog returns to their normal surroundings.

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Concentrated Home Training Camp

While it might seem a little contradictory to the other two, there is also an option to have an experienced trainer come to your house and work with your dog in their home environment.  This will usually take place at a more frequent interval than a regular training program as well.

I’ve actually done this method with a few clients in the past and seen some pretty good results.  Ideally you want to involve the owner in the training process and also train them while you train the dog.  Doing this in the dog’s home environment can be a good way to address and root out any disruptive elements that could be causing behavior issues in the first place.

This kind of training can also get a bit expensive but it doesn’t have to be.  The real issue comes from how quickly you can get the owner to pick up on the training style and take over for you.  Ideally this type of training is about teaching the owner how to care for and communicate with their dog in the most effective way.  If they buy into this method, I believe it is easily the most rewarding of the bunch.

Dog Boot Camp Summarized

As stated above, dog boot camps are a concentrated form of dog training that can be used in several different ways to help train and communicate with your pet.  Of the three types we discussed, I believe the home training to be the most effective.  There are other methods that we didn’t discuss here as well just like there are many different ways to train your dog.

At the end of the day,  consistency and patience is the key when training a new pet.  Working with your vet to make sure they are healthy and providing them with a safe and positive foundation to grow in are very helpful in the long term and can be quite beneficial to the dog owner in the long term as well.

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